Skin Type



Combo- Dry and oily

Skin tones:

-Warm= Yellow/Golden

-Cool= Blue/Pink/Red

-Neutral=Mixture of both

Complimentary colors is used to neutralize discoloration.

Green neutralizes Red

Orange neutralizes Blue

Violet neutralizes Yellow

Foundation evens out your face color

Highlight and Contour

Highlight(lighter color)= More attention

Contour(darker color)= Less attention

When combined it helps create dimensions in your face. Without it your will look flat.

Tips on finding your highlight and contour color:

To find the right highlight you can look at the inside of your arm or chest area and see what light color you see coming through your skin or go 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. Forehead highlight should stop by the arch of your brows. Under the eye highlight should stop at the end of your brows










To find your right contour color you can look and see what darker color is showing on your skin or you can go 1-2 shades darker than your foundation. When applying your contour shade on the cheek DO NOT take it all the way to your lip. It should stop in the middle of your cheek.Refer to the arm/ shoulder area to find a good shade for your contour.











Eyebrows are the frame of your face

 Placement of your eyebrows are shown in the eyebrow video


Eye shapes

In order to know where to place your eyeshadow you must first identify your eye shape 

When choosing eyeshadow keep in mind your eye shape.

Light eyeshadows= More attention 

Dark eyeshadow= Less attention

Close set eyes = lighter colors on the inner corner of your eye and darker colors on the outer corner of your eyes


Wide set eyes= lighter colors on the center of your eye and darker colors on the inner and outer corner of your eyes


Monolid eyes= darker colors near lash line and gradually work your way into lighter/shimmery colors to your brow bone 

Deep set eyes= Lighter colors on your eyelid and darker colors on the protruding area 

Hooded eyes= Lighter colors on the lid and darker colors in the crease and over lapping skin. 

Protruding eyes= Darker colors are your best friend! Avoid light colors.

Upturned eyes= Apply darker shadow on the corner of your lower lash line and a medium tone shadow on your lid.


Downturned eyes= Natural colors will be your best friend! The natural colors will bring out your eyes.

Almond eyes= You are able to get away with any look 

Eyes Cont.